Hi, I'm Seth.

Full-Stack Developer, Student, Friend


My profile picture.

I’m a developer who loves to create and solve problems! Be sure to check out some of my Personal Projects. This one is one of the classics .


  • Love working with Javascript, Vue, Nodejs, Java, C, C++, and a touch of Python
  • Good listener and love to help people
  • Dark theme addict
  • Sometimes write about life, work, and code on my Blog
  • Looking forward to getting my Bachelors of Computer Science and Engineering
  • On this site you can see some of my more “Fully-Fledged”’ projects. The rest are on Codepen


If you have any inquiries (or just want to talk) drop a message to me on social media or at my email below

I will get back to you as soon as possible!

My current local time is .