The Most Awesome Software

The Takeover

I have been a long time fan of channels like Corridor Digital or FinalCutKing with their high budget technically marvelous work, as well as Noodle and Zee Bashew with their unique and enjoyable art styles. Loving their content, as well as always admiring the effort and time taken to actually create it. Creating content has been a "curiosity" of mine for many years, I took a liking to video editing back in 2015 and that evolved into a general interest into all kinds of digital media production. Some significant time was spent learning video editing and After Effects basics, but I never took the task as much more than a temporary interest. It was one fateful evening that I was browsing reddit I came across some really cool artwork. I looked deeper into the original poster and ended up discovering the /blender community online. I spent more time than I would like to admit browsing this new world of content. Having heard of blender in the past I was never really into it because of the sheer density and complexity of the UI. To my suprise, blender had a huge UI update and now looks inviting, modern and sleek!

Seeing what people were creating with this software and watching timelapses of people producing digital masterpieces was super inspiring to me. It was on October 17, 2020 that I first said that I wanted to learn Blender, at the time I was primarily interested in "composition and simulation". I felt like if I took the time to learn this program, I might be able to make some results I would be proud of. So I started one piece at a time.

The Spark

With a growing interesting and seemingly unrelenting excitement with Blender, my reading lists, subreddits, and youtube content all became saturated with Blender content. I knew that experimenting with the program could only take me so far, using tutorials and consuming relavent content would be the best way to make actual progress and stay excited. The more I began to grasp, the more I realized there was to learn. Compositing, Modeling, 3D, 2D, Grease Pencil, Shaders, Nodes, Color Theory, Animation Principles, Rendering, App Settings, Addons, Updates the list goes on. I wanted to understand as much as I could.

I am nowhere near done learning, but I have made tons of progress. Getting inspired by amazing creators online and trying out many pipelines and styles has been quite fun. I'm excited to someday to make my own VFX Reel to show off all the creations & progress I am proud of.

Thanks for reading 👍

Time Challenges

Some of the most fun I have had is trying to create things under wild time constraints like the following time challenges that took place in January, 2021: