Blender Export Helper

This project began while I was getting familar with animating in Blender. With access to an amazing control rig that took some real effort and love to create, getting started was pretty intuitive. The issue came up when transforming and exporting my animations into a format that was useful in external software (like a game engine). The 6 main export steps were straightforward, but they took some time to repeat and it was easy to click the wrong button and have to start the process over, or worse lose some progress.

I decided to try my hand with the Blender Python API and script the process. A rough draft was made, some positive feedback aquired, and then a proposition to flesh out the script into a full addon that could be more widely used came up. Fast forward some script versions, a git repo, and with some trial and error, we now have a real useful time-saving tool.

This addon really streamlines exporting animations from Blender to other applications, using a variety of customizable methods. It has really helped in speeding up my process, and now going from animating in blender to seeing final results is just one click.

The addon's main menu