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My objective is to apply my skills & experience to to advance, organize, clarify, and deliver solutions that both exceed client expectations and drive business success


Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering - May 2020
Undergraduate Cybersecurity Track - May 2020
North Carolina State University

Associate of Arts (College Transfer) - May 2016
Randolph Community College

I establish useful, effective, and powerful solutions to any problem you are faced with!


May 2018 - Present
Technical Consultant
  • ● Collaborated with companies big and small to simplify daily processes, act as a technical liaison, and solve problems throughout the stack, while bringing novel ideas into reality
  • ● What started in 2016 as freelancing on people's business & personal websites, has evolved and widened in scope over the years
Triad Corrugated Metal
May 2021 - Present
Technical Consultant & Development Lead
  • ● Modernized integral parts of the company-wide technology stack while ensuring compatibility with historical data and integrating with both new and old 3rd party vendors
  • ● Successfully implemented automated systems for observability, deployments, and offsite monitoring
  • ● Performed 4 major version framework upgrades while adapting & refactoring legacy systems improving overall readability, performance, and flexibility
November 2020 - Present
Product and Technical Development Lead
  • ● Revitalized three businesses' information technology systems reducing monthly expenses by over 115%
  • ● Developed internal tooling to streamline data entry, SOP management, and job deliverable tracking
  • ● Successfully executed production pipeline for marketing materials: SEO, animations, websites, & discoverability
  • ● Established client outreach, onboarding, & support experience for a new software product launch
PRA Health Sciences
June 2020 - August 2020
Cybersecurity Intern
  • ● Handled growth, reliability, and maintainability efforts while pushing the project into the next phase
  • ● Licensed and published an low-overhead honeypot project in the open-source community
  • ● Gained an understanding of PRA's cybersecurity operations in regards to incident respnse, forensics, vulnerability scanning, and remediation
NCSU's Rare Disease Project
May 2019 - July 2020
Software Developer / Frontend Specialist
  • ● Overhauled the UI of a large system geared towards collecting, curating, and making rare disease information available, while implementing support for mobile browsers
  • ● Improved the performance, user experience, and reliability for the project on all interfaces and devices
  • ● Reduced project-wide page load speeds by over 95%
Digicurb - Morewitz Realty
August 2018 - April 2020
Application & Product Development / UX Specialist
  • ● Led a technical team focused on developing student-facing progressive web applications for task fulfillment
  • ● Pushed the project through numerous requirement analysis & prototyping phases as our goals pivoted
  • ● Developed user- and administrator- facing solutions to facilitate a multi-university deployment of the app
The Grand Overland
Aug 2014 - Present
Technical Director / Tour Guide / Land Manager
  • ● Created / maintained off-highway trails with the purpose of training civilian and military personnel in the advanced usage of Off-Highway Vehicles
  • ● Developed website and online presence for the busines and established the ecommerce ecosystem
  • ● Learned to operate heavy machinery, drive advanced trails, service vehicles, prepare equipment / courses, and organize entertaining, enjoyable, and educational events
Extended work history & experience available upon request


    • GNU / Linux Administration
    • Containers / Docker / Swarm Mode
    • Rust
    • HTML5 / HTMX / JamStack
    • Deno / Typescript
    • JavaScript
    • .NET 6.0 / Blazor
    • Responsive Design / PWAs
    • Blender 2D & 3D
    • Continous Integration / Deployment
    • Java
    • C / C++


    In my spare time, I am usually developing personal projects, games, libraries, helping and spending time with friends & family, or playing card & board games with my friends!

    I love helping people, and because tech can be such a pain point, or such a useful tool, being able to use what I know as a blessing to others is something I also pursue outside outside of work. Continuing to learn, gain knowledge, and the experience to apply it is a priority for me.


    NCSU IT Club, HackPack, NCSU Photography Club, A ’Quaint Place Cabins Web Marketing & Property Manager, Technician at GHS Distributors, Leadership Academy at RCC, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Randolph County Teen Court Attorney, community service associated with Clean Sweep, and Habitat for Humanity.